Thank-you for your interest in Vintage Broadcast.

All Vintage Broadcast recordings originate from our vast collection of reel to reel standard audio tapes and 16 inch transcription discs. Customized CD's are first generation, standard audio recordings (705kbps wav files) that can be played in any CD player. Also we offer high quality, high bitrate, digital downloads: 192kbps MP3 files with a 44,100 sampling rate that can be played in any cd player or portable audio device. The richness of the sound remains so you get all the highs, lows and mid-level sounds possible.

For custom CD orders, show information is laser printed on each CD then shipped by first class mail to your door. The great thing about Vintage Broadcast is you can pick and choose the programs you want to create your own custom CD! Or, simply download these great radio programs at a great savings to you!

We take great care to adjust speed and clean up programs when needed. And if the sound quality is not of an adequate level and can't be corrected, it isn't offered. To determine if the sound quality and content is right for you, an audio sample is located next to every show we sell. If you're downloading shows from us, an email containing links to the shows you purchased will immediately be sent.